Seminars for Therapists


Vestibular and Balance Rehabilitation
Unlocking the Mysteries of Dizziness and Disequilibrium

Dr. Wendy Wood has presented seminars for physical therapists, physical therapists assistants, and occupational therapists nationally for over 12 years.

The 2020 seminars have been temporarily postponed due to the pandemic.  Dr. Wood is working on online modules at this time.

When seminar resume, you can register through, go to the seminars tab, then register, or by calling (949)444-9917

Early registration is open till 3 weeks before the seminar and is $399.
There are group rates also.  Call to inquire.


2 responses

  1. Michele Cazalas | Reply

    I am interested in providing a group course at our clinic in San Diego.
    Can I get information on your cost and how many people may participate.
    Thank you
    Michele Cazalas

    1. Hi Michele:
      I would happy to do this. I have done course for over 14 years now. I will be in touch soon. Thanks, Wendy

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